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Terms & Conditions

This form applies to all present and future bookings at NEWCASTLE CAT STAY  luxury cat hotel

All guests must be de-sexed and vaccinated with the yearly booster of F3 up to F5 at least 2 weeks prior to their stay. A copy of a veterinary certificate must be provided to NEWCASTLE CAT STAY  prior to arrival. 

In the event my cat/s requires veterinary attention whilst a guest of NEWCASTLE CAT STAY I authorise veterinary assistance and agree to meet all veterinary costs incurred. I/We authorise administration of an anaesthetic provided by a fully qualified veterinary surgeon if they deem it so required. 

I agree that flea and worm treatments will be done prior to staying at NEWCASTLE CAT STAY.  If worms, fleas or special needs are observed during my cat/s stay, I agree NEWCASTLE CAT STAY will treat and charge accordingly and this will be payable prior to my cat/s departure.

NEWCASTLE CAT STAY agrees to provide a safe and enjoyable stay for all its guests however I agree under no circumstances is NEWCASTLE CAT STAY or its employees to be held responsible for accidental injury, health issues or loss that may occur to my cat/s while or as a result of staying at NEWCASTLE CAT STAY.

I agree to pay the accommodation rates listed for my cat/s stay in full prior to or on arrival at NEWCASTLE CAT STAY. Check in and check out times are by appointment 7.30 and 11am Mon- Sun . If I am unable to collect my cat/s on the check out date by 11am , I will be charged for an extra day and the same type of accommodation may not be available. If I cancel my cat/s accommodation within 7 days of the booking I  agree to pay 50% of the stay, if I cancel my cat/s accommodation 24 hours before the booked date I agree the full rate of the booking will be paid. 

I agree that my cat/s shall not leave NEWCASTLE CAT STAY until all fees owing have been paid in full. If I do not collect my cat/s within 7 days of the date my cat is due to check out, NEWCASTLE CAT STAY will at their discretion make appropriate necessary arrangements. Any outstanding costs owing to NEWCASTLE CAT STAY if unpaid will be sought through appropriate recovery services.