Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours and drop off and pick up times?

We are open by appointment Monday -Saturday for drop offs and pick ups between 7.30 & 11am.

You are able to choose a preferred time when you make your booking. We will endeavour to honour this request as best we can. We are a small boutique Hotel and like to give you individual time at checkin and checkout. So we may need to give a time as close to your preferred time as we can (especially in busy seasons)

Is food included in the price? Can we bring our own food?

Yes all food is included.

We provide 2 meals per day.

Dry food at breakfast time and this is left for grazing on throughout the day. Our Dry options are vet recommended foods, including Hills Science diet – Indoor – Hair Ball – Sensitive Stomach and Skin, Royal Canin – Sensible – Digestive, A Grain Free option.

Wet food is served for dinner, a preservative and colour free range of tin foods – in jelly or gravy.

You may bring your cats own food ie prescription diets etc.  There is no extra charge for this option. However due to storage restrictions please provide small containers and individual portions (both labelled with your cats name). Please advise your cats dietary requirements on their booking file.

Can we pick up after 11am?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer afternoon pick ups. Suites are cleaned thoroughly ready for guests arriving the next day. If you are unable to check out by 11am we recommend booking to pick up the next morning. We are negotiable in urgent circumstances however any check out after 11am will incur that days rate.

Can I come and see Newcastle Cat Stay and meet you before I book?

You sure can. We love meeting you and showing off our lovely facility.

Email us with your preferred day and time. We will let you know if this is suitable via return email.  We like to do tours when we don’t have guests checking in or out so we can give you individual time.

We also recommend you bring your cat in their carrier to meet us when you do a tour.  This helps us familiarise with each other and our surroundings.

Can I bring my cats' blankets, toys or something that reminds them of home?

We know its hard to leave your precious loved one but to bring things from home doesn’t help them :-(

We don’t recommend bringing anything from home. This usually makes them miss home! It can make them territorial. They can refuse to go near their favourite blanket or they may wee on it!

We have luxurious bedding and plenty of toys. We prefer to provide a neutral environment for our guests where they quickly settle by putting their own scent into their suite.

Will my cat play with other cats? Will my cat be allowed out of their room?

For the first day all guests stay in their suite until they have used their litter box and are feeling safe.

All our guests have INDIVIDUAL playtime out of their suites. Cats from the same family always share a suite unless separate suites are requested.  We do not have mixed play times with other guests.

Each guest has an option of time in the outdoor gym, the pebble area, tuscan room or Christmas Playzone pending on their booked suite.

We listen to each guests wishes. We offer playtime several times a day. Guests tell us when they want to go to the gym and when they want to come back in.  We leave one suite door open at a time, guests often just go back into their suite when they are ready. Some just prefer to laze on their comfy bed and not come out, even when their door is left open for an extended time.

Does my cat need to be vaccinated and desexed?

Yes. We follow the NSW Boarding Code which requires our guests to have an annual up to date F3, F4 OR F5 vaccine.

You can upload the current vaccination certificate via our website booking system. Your vet will email your vaccination papers to you if you call them and request it.

If your cat has not had a vaccine for more than a year they may need a booster (consult with your vet)  then 4 weeks after the booster they can have the annual vaccine, then 2 weeks after that they will be clear to board with us.

Yes your cat needs to be desexed to stay with us, make sure this is listed on your vaccination certificate provided by your vet.

Can you give medication to my cat?

Yes we can if your cat is amiable.

Please ensure medication is clearly labelled with clear instructions for administration. These details can be listed on your cats profile when making a booking or can be added at anytime to their file via the ‘existing customer’ tab on our website.

If we crush a tablet and add to their food once per day there is no charge – if it is twice a day there is a $3pd fee.

If we are required to pop a tablet into the mouth this is a $3 per tablet fee (this may not always be possible if your cat is not compliant and medication is a matter of life and death we recommend boarding with a vet)

My cat lives inside, does it need to be flea treatment?

Yes. We require all cats whether they are totally inside cats or cats that go outside every day to be flea treated.

This is to ensure the safety of all our guests and our facility.. we are proud to say we have never seen a flea… we thank all our guests for using regular treatments (not flea collars) like Frontline or Advantage brands – these are available at Vets, PetBarn, Pet Quarters or you can buy an individual treatment from Hunter Animal Watch Op Shop in Beaumont St Hamilton.

How can I check my pick up/drop off dates, times or payment details?

That’s easy… just press any button on our website that says ‘booking request’ or ‘check availability’ and log in as   “existing customer”

All your details can be accessed in your file, you can see your past and future booking dates, times, payments, cat details or add a new fur baby, upload vaccination records, change your contact details or add emergency person details.